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An Asynchronous Socket Class in Python

Posted by appusajeev on November 23, 2009

The default socket module can be a pain certain times,especially when you are working with asynchronous/event driven domain.Handling asynchronous communication can be a bit messy in the native python environment .The accept() and recv() methods would only relinquish control after a connection has been accepted or data has arrived. This would sometimes choke the flow of control in the program..
So i thought of creating a socket class utilizing threads internally to handle asynchronous communication and this is what i have finally arrived at.
The Winsock control in VB provides a clean yet powerful interface to handle asynchronous socket communication.I have tried to provide an interface similar to the Winsock control. I have also incorporated callback mechanism by which a function could be invoked upon data arrival.This avoids the need to poll the socket every time. As of now i have just provided the methods working upon TCP,UDP is not yet supported though adding UDP support is trivial ! 🙂

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An Asynchronous Socket Class in Python Source

An Asynchronous Socket Class in Python


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